“Dr. Moenning is an exceptional counselor. Meeting with him has helped my husband and I learn and implement tools that have transformed our marriage! We’re thankful for him and his kindness, empathy, and expertise.”
- Wife & New Mother

“By walking with me during a difficult period of my life, Dr. David has shown grace in listening, wisdom in sharing insights and humility in using resources to help me heal and grow.  With patience Dr. David offers me needed space to work through my issues and resolutions, his insights have helped me grow in my relationship with God and grow as a leader in the church and community.”
- Pastor

“I was hesitant to see a counselor at first, thinking I had all the answers and concerned about the money and time commitment, but I cannot put a price on the impact of his good counsel.  Dr. David has been a huge blessing to my family and me.  He is an amazing man of God and has incredible insight and wisdom.  From everyday concerns and transitions in life to major life crisis’s, Dr. David is able to provide incredible wisdom and hope.  I have found him to be a safe place to really work through difficult emotional issues, free from criticism and judgment.  My only regret is that I did not find him years ago.”
- Wife & Mother of Three

“At the lowest, most difficult point in my life I met David Moenning, a man of God with integrity, insight and clearly a gift for helping others.  Caring and non judgmental he was able to help me see truth.  I was able to dig myself out of the dirt I was covered in and brush myself off.  Over time Dr. Moenning  helped me see more clearly, and become the person I was created to be.   I have come a million miles and can honestly say I would never have made it without the direction, patience and counseling I received from Dr. Moenning.” 
- Single Mother of Two

Dr David has really helped my entire family through a difficult time.  He is extremely insightful and really listened to my family as a group and was able to effectively help us to better communicate, where we had totally fallen apart.    He also has met with my family members individually when needed which proved very helpful in our mutual quest to be close once again.  Without a mediator, our efforts to “fix” our problems were futile.  We would just go round and round, each person with their own agenda or defense.  I am extremely thankful to have Dr David when our own methods were failing.  He has offered  me resources that have allowed me to become more aware of how I may better handle situations within my family.   We owe him a debt of gratitude for how he has helped us.”

- Recipient of Family Counseling