Thrive Marriage Conference

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word THRIVE as: to grow, or develop well or vigorously; to prosper; or to flourish. As it is with anything that thrives, there are key practices that ensure healthy growth and development.  The Bible is clear that the covenant of marriage between a husband and a wife is one of God’s finest creations, and that His desire is that it would thrive and flourish spiritually, emotionally, relationally and physically, bringing joy and fulfillment to both partners.  Sometimes, however, we can get stuck in unhealthy patterns of relating to one another that make those key practices feel unattainable.  In the Thrive Marriage Conference you and your spouse will receive instruction, foster insight, and create an experience of hope and renewal that will enhance the likelihood of having a marriage that thrives.

Conference Details

When: A selected Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Where: Your local church

Cost: $40 per couple


  • Continental breakfast, lunch and snacks provided
  • Each participant receives a conference workbook
  • Conference is limited to 20 couples
  • Live worship is Included
  • Child Care can be provided at an additional fee
  • Next Steps: Request that your Pastor or Church Representative contact Dr. David Moenning at 904-412-2876 or to coordinate an available date/time for the Thrive Marriage Conference to come to your local church.